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September 18, 2020
Dr. Snyder joins a panel of experts in offering the telehealth community resources in identifying and supporting trafficking survivors during this global pandemic.


Upcoming  Trainings

Fall 2020

Treating Sexual Trauma – October 16th & 17th, 2020 9am – 5pm

Richmont Graduate University – Atlanta Campus 

Cost: $90.00 Students/$130.00 Professionals

Trauma Training at Richmont

The Richmont Institute of Trauma and Recovery (RIT) offers training and resources to professionals seeking specialized training in trauma, clinicians and first responders experiencing compassion fatigue, and help for individuals who have been victims of traumatization. The RIT offers a Graduate Certificate in Trauma through Richmont Graduate University and also offers training and certification through the Green Cross Academy of Traumatology. Richmont Trauma Response Teams are trained and available to meet acute trauma disasters locally, nationally, and globally.

Graduate Certificate in Trauma Counseling

Richmont Graduate University offers a Trauma specialization as part of its School of Counseling programs. The trauma counseling track is designed to provide specialized training for students who wish to work with clients who have experienced a history of trauma and/or abuse. This track emphasizes the understanding and treatment of “complex trauma”–trauma that typically began in the early, developmentally formative years and involved maltreatment by a major attachment figure/caregiver. However, these courses will also address the treatment needs of those who have suffered acute traumatic experiences. Richmont is partnering with national experts in the field of trauma treatment to provide training that combines understanding of biological impact of trauma, research-based treatment models, and faith integration.

Richmont Graduate University

Green Cross Training

Richmont is partnering with the Green Cross Academy of Traumatology (GCAT). Individuals completing the course of study are granted Green Cross recognition as Field and Certified Traumatologists.

The Green Cross Academy of Traumatology (GCAT) is an international organization that provides humanitarian relief in the form of trained service providers and traumatologists, most of whom are licensed mental health caregivers. When traumatic events occur anywhere in the world, GCAT is pleased to respond to requests for assistance from individuals and organizations. Richmont is excited to be a part of such a vital mission.


Our Three-Tiered Approach

To Trauma Training and Treatment


students in trauma treatment through theory and clinical work.


those who have suffered trauma through the establishment of trauma centers.


professionals to help people in crisis following traumatic events.

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Failure to acknowledge the pervasiveness of trauma on the development of children and in the lives of adults is a significant threat to relationships, families, churches, and communities…God has called us to step into the mess and pain to bring hope and healing.

Dr. Vanessa Snyder, VP of the Richmont Institute of Trauma & Recovery      

Director of the Richmont Trauma Center


As most people have experienced trauma on some level, I wanted to learn how to be sensitive and support people in tough places. Not only that, but to walk alongside them as they write the rest of their story-acknowledging but not confined by the past.

Ben Horner, Richmont Graduate