Green Cross Training

Care and Support for Trauma Victims and First Responders


Green Cross Certifications

Richmont Graduate University is an accredited training site for the Green Cross Academy of Traumatology.  Training is available for counselors, therapists, teachers, first responders, and other help professions.  Individuals can pursue the following certifications:

Level 1: Green Cross Membership

Level 2: Compassion Fatigue Educator

Level 3: Compassion Fatigue Therapist

Level 4: Field Traumatologist

Level 5: Certified Traumatologist

Click the links below for requirements for each level of certification and for upcoming training opportunities.

About the Green Cross

The Green Cross Academy of Traumatology (GCAT) is an international organization that provides humanitarian relief in the form of trained service providers and traumatologists, most of whom are licensed mental health caregivers. When traumatic events occur anywhere in the world, GCAT is pleased to respond to requests for assistance from individuals and organizations. Richmont is excited to be a part of such a vital mission.

Green Cross Services

Wave I (Days 1-10)

Crisis stabilization, contacting local GCA members to establish a chapter for continuity of care

Wave II (Days 5-15)

Stress management, social support, orientation of management.

Wave III (Days 10-20)

All of the above plus training, assessment and referral, and family resource development.

Wave IV (Days 15-40)

All of the above reactions plus grief and loss consultation and counseling.

Richmont Trauma Teams

Teams from Richmont participate in Green Cross deployments around the world.  Using the skills learned through Green Cross Academy of Traumatology, teams provide care and support to victims and first responders of traumatic events.  Recent deployments include Texas (Hurricane Harvey), Virginia (Charlottesville Riots), and Greece (Refugees).  In order to participate, you need complete your Level 3 Green Cross Certification.  To learn more about being part of a Richmont Trauma Team, contact Dr. Vanessa Snyder.