Update from Green Cross:

There is a significant need for more volunteers in California. A team has already been deployed since last week but will need to be relieved soon and we hope to be able to get more volunteers through the end of December and into the first couple weeks of January.

We understand that this is a crazy time for schedules and many of you already have plans, however, we hope you will consider volunteering during this busy time of year.

We need 3 additional volunteers to relieve some of the team members next week and additional volunteers through the end of the year and into the beginning of January.

If you are able, please contact Dr. Keyes directly at bkeyes@divinemercy.edu.

We are looking for all certification levels especially Field Traumatologists and Certified Traumatologists.

Our ability to send teams to serve in crisis depends on our membership!

If you are interested, please send us the following information to bkeyes@divinemercy.edu

1. Your name

2. Home Location and Nearest Airport

3. Availability

4. Your email address

5. Your phone number

6. Your certification level with Green Cross