Richmont’s Dr. Dan Sartor with the mental health training team in Nigeria


Richmont Institute of Trauma & Recovery along with Conscience International partnered with Dr. Eniabitobi Kuyinu, Executive Director of The Educator in Lagos, Nigeria to bring clinical mental health training to Community Mental Health Facilitators.

“From the outset, I was honored to be invited to join this team for this remarkable two-week mission trip to Nigeria to offer mental health training and services.  The professionalism, warmth, and passion of each team member was evident in each of our training activities.  Between trainings we shared many moments of laughter, personal stories, and wonderment, as we absorbed the many sites, sounds, flavors, and sensations that Nigeria and her people have to offer.  We grew in our friendship with each other and our newly met Nigerian brothers and sisters, who seemed to work tirelessly with us and for us. Indeed, the staff from The Educator, as well as other volunteers and supporters, showed great passion for our mission:  Increasing mental health awareness, training, and services in the great country of Nigeria to alleviate the suffering of her people and to improve the quality of life of all of her citizens.

Those who attended the trainings were eager to learn as lively, engaged participants.  They often requested we forgo breaks so that we could explore further the material of the trainings and maximize the opportunities for learning!  I was inspired by their appetite to learn, and I was humbled by their friendliness, openness, and hospitality.  Pastors, youth workers, educators, medical professionals, administrators, and concerned citizens participated in our trainings, all with the intent to be more effective in their care for others.  The need for mental health trainings and services that are propelled by the healing love of Christ through the Church was clear.  The conversations and interactions with our Nigerian brothers and sisters around issues of faith and mental health were unforgettable.  In Nigeria, the fields are ripe unto spiritual harvest. I couldn’t be more grateful for the gift of this trip, and the rich experiences of faith, love, and personal growth it provided me.” – Dan Sartor, Ph.D.