There is a lot to say about the past 8 days and I struggle to find a place to start. But what comes to mind is a question our host, Dr. Carlos Velasquez asked us. He asked what the best part of this journey has been for us. Admittedly, I could not answer the question, not because nothing stood out, but because it all did. The experience overall has been quite an amazing one, and I can say with confidence and pride that we in the Green Cross did very good work.

I was tasked with leading our groups through an exercise in spiritual visualization. Despite the understanding that we are spiritual beings and long for something beyond ourselves, I was still happily surprised by how much of an impact it made coupled with the rest of our training session.

Not only did we exceed our expectations for this mission, but we developed a multitude of new contacts, made new friends, drew closer together as a team, and had the opportunity to experience the warmth, generosity, love, and authenticity of the Puerto Rican people.

There is still so much I wish to say about my experience with this deployment. But for now, I suppose I will finish by saying thank you to the Green Cross and to Puerto Rico, for the incredible honor and privilege to serve these people and walk alongside them in their suffering. Ours is sacred work.


Anthony Flores

Student, M.S. Counseling

Divine Mercy University