The amount of debris and devastation in Rockport, TX and Port Aransas, TX is overwhelming but the people who are here are truly amazing. Today we spoke with government officials who are trying to offer help and logistics for all the donations, visiting volunteers, and local people who are affected by Hurricane Harvey. We met with people who came from Louisiana offering food to those in need. We spoke with grateful, hungry people who were glad to have a good meal and a shady place to rest. We went to the tent city where displaced people are living in tents because they have nowhere else to go. We took the ferry to Port Aransas and spoke with locals and volunteers who were thankful for the ability to offer a hand and the generosity of strangers.

In each place we heard stories of fear and survival, loss and hope, of loneliness and community. I am humbled by the privilege to sit or stand and receive their stories, to spend just a moment and be invited into the privacy of their pain. I am also in humbled by their fierce determination and strength. Dr. Snyder and I spoke with a government official who was working at the distribution center today. She and her family had moved to Port Aransas just two weeks before Harvey hit and lost her home along with most of the contents. With tears in her eyes she shared of the struggle to remain strong for her family and community. This is why we’re here! We came for people like this, who need a listening ear and a safe place to rest their burdens. I am thankful for the privilege to hear her story and give her the opportunity to rest for a moment. The phrase that I have heard the most in my time here is, ‘God is Good’. These Texans continue to see His goodness in times of devastation and loss. I can learn much from them.

Dr. Lorrie Slater