Richmont’s Trauma Response Team will travel to Charlottesville this weekend to provide to services to those impacted by domestic terrorism.  The team will provide compassion fatigue services to counselors, first responders, and the community reeling from recent events.   Richmont is honored to participate in this effort as it aligns with its mission of healing, restoration, and transformation.

The Richmont Institute of Traumatology works in collaboration with Green Cross Academy of Traumatology to train individuals in the vital work of domestic and international trauma relief. We are proud to partner with Green Cross, the world’s premier certifying body for traumatologists, and all members of the Richmont Team have earned GCAT certification.

Richmont’s Trauma Response team will join others in Virginia also there to provide needed intervention. Richmont’s commitment is part of a larger four-wave deployment process created by the Green Cross for such situations:

  • Wave I (Days 1 – 10 following disaster): Crisis stabilization, mobilization of local Green Cross members
  • Wave II (Days 5 – 15): Stress management, social support, orientation of management
  • Wave III (Days 10 – 20): All of the above, plus training, assessment, referral, and family resource development
  • Wave IV (Days 15 – 40): All of the above, plus grief and loss counseling

Be assured that we are deeply appreciative of your continuing prayers for the Richmont Trauma Response Team. Here at Richmont, we take our Christ-centered mission to heart and lovingly act upon it.   Updates regarding the trip will be posted this weekend.